Hop to Signaroo's Rave Reviews

“Thank you so much. We had a fantastic time in your class and would recommend it to everyone. It completely exceeded our expectations – phenomenal! We appreciate your enthusiasm for signing – it’s contagious! We definitely believe that our family will find signing beneficial.”

Chris and Jessi Arens – Seattle, WA

“Nancy made class entertaining and fun! Wonderful teacher – very informative.”

Liesyl Dans – Snohomish, WA

“I wanted to let you know that our daughter just signed for the first time today…hooray! She had been sort of signing MORE by clapping for the last two weeks or so, but today she did the sign for real! It was unprompted and the first thing she told us is that she wanted more kisses…thank you so much! This was such a special moment and I am so thrilled to see her finally sign back to us. All those months of signing have been completely worth it!”

Sarah Kennedy – Seattle, WA

“Class was a wonderful time to focus on communication and bonding as a new family.”

Stacey and Mark Donahue – Seattle, WA

“My husband, 8-month old son and I took Nancy’s four-week Hop to Signaroo public series. Nancy is humorous, engaging, knowledgeable, and does a great job of keeping momentum despite the usual hubbub that comes with a room full of babies. I think one of the most valuable parts of this class is having the ability to get feedback from Nancy; that’s definitely something you aren’t going to get if teaching yourself.”

Cortney Chertova – Seattle, WA

“Comfort and food signs were the most beneficial aspect of the series, and Ruby learned so quickly. I think it will really help us communicate.”

Tina Kliman – Seattle, WA

“Nancy, you are a wonderful teacher with great charisma. You are encouraging and inspiring.”

Jennifer McGlothern – Seattle, WA

“We love your passion for the subject!”

Abby and Roger Brockway – Seattle, WA

“Earlier this year, I took a sign language class from Nancy. I was impressed by her ability to keep our entire class of sleepy parents on track, and to teach using humor, repetition and strong mnemonics. Her class incorporated multiple modes of teaching and learning styles, and her learning materials were easy to understand. I found the flashcards she designed to be especially useful for a reminder of signs to use in the moment of need. As any trainer/instructional designer can attest to, we can be often be the toughest critics in a class, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Nancy’s class was well designed and well facilitated.”

Emily Rodman – Seattle, WA

“Great memory aids for all the signs, making the signs easier to remember. Liked the songs, also. We really liked the class.”

Eric and Brandi Dagg – Seattle, WA

“Nancy’s teaching techniques were excellent. Fun class. She made it easy to learn and did some specific signs that can be used with my autistic daughter. Thank you, Nancy!”

Glenn Davocol – Kent, WA

“Wonderful teacher – would love to learn more from you! Class exceeded my expectations!”

Lara Lee Barksdale – Lynnwood, WA

“Nancy is an energetic, knowledgeable teacher and made learning fun. Thank you so much! Class was very helpful for us and a great price for four sessions!”

Norma and Tom Cole – Redmond, WA

“I think it’s wonderful that you offer this class. I feel it’s been very empowering for both me and my husband in our ability to communicate with Maya. Learning the signs in context (with the baby) helped me remember them. Your tips and visuals for remembering signs helped a lot…and your jokes, too!”

Janet Arkills – Seattle, WA

“I feel much more confident than just reading the book myself. It helps to see the signs and ask questions. Coming to class helps keep me motivated to keep signing with my baby.”

Denelle Peacey – Seattle, WA

“We really enjoyed the class and have the Roo-minder Ring Cards posted all over the house.”

Brandon and Deanna Wermes – Seattle, WA

An update a little more than a year after class…

“I have to give you an update on Nathan, who is almost two years old now. Taking your class and learning sign language was undoubtedly one of the smartest things we ever did. Here are just a few signs he uses on a daily basis – EAT, GENTLE, ALL DONE, SLEEP, BATH, WATER, THANK YOU, MY TURN, TRAIN, GO (and then he waves good-bye). Over the past 6 months, he has really started having strong opinions. I can’t even tell you the number of meltdowns we’ve avoided altogether by reminding him to sign what he wants. He’s actually starting to put two to three signs together now, which is really great. I just had to share this with you, as your class has had such a positive impact on our household!”

“A really great way to learn how to communicate with your baby, the class is packed full of information and fun for everyone. The Roo-minder Ring Cards are perfect, especially for sharing signs at home with my husband who couldn’t attend the class.”

Jennifer Thomson – Redmond, WA

“This was an excellent class. Very informational and entertaining . . . better than just reading a book.”

Jennifer Scott – Seattle, WA

“Your stories and examples are great. You are a fantastic teacher and are great with the babies.”

Holly Wheadon – Bellevue, WA

“The mnemonic aids to help remember signs were great – very helpful. I’m surprised and delighted how much we remember even several weeks after the class! The interactive games, etc. really helped everyone loosen up and have fun. We had a great time – thank you!”

Wendy Newsom – Seattle, WA

“Your sign classes were one of the best things that we could have done as parents! I can’t tell you how amazing it has been to watch our son communicate with us without crying! Thanks!!!”

Keli Reagan – Issaquah, WA

“Nancy, I just wanted to follow up with you to say again how much we enjoyed your classes. In the last couple weeks, Lucy’s signing has exploded. She now has ten signs which she uses regularly – NURSE, MORE, BOOK, EAT, CAT, DOG, MOMMY, DADDY, HELP and SLEEP. It is really amazing to see a ten month old communicate like that. She also has two spoken words – HI and THIS. I do think the signing encourages her to speak. Thanks for everything. We talk you up to people all the time.”

Amy and Rich Green – Seattle, WA

An update ten months after private lessons…

I just wanted to share with you that this afternoon, Lucy signed a whole sentence! She was eating a banana and I said to her, “You know, monkeys eat bananas’ and as I said that I signed MONKEY, EAT, BANANA. She signed back to me LUCY EAT BANANA…her first sentence! She has also been combining signs and spoken words. She asks for water by saying the word CUP while signing WATER. She also asks Rich for help by signing DADDY and saying the word HELP. She now has about 30 signs and 30 spoken words. It is great for us to be able to understand so much from our 14 month old! We are always telling people that signing with Lucy was the best decision we made in the first year. Thanks again!”

An update three years after Amy and Rich did private lessons with their first baby, Lucy, and after they took the class again with their second baby, Dash…

“Dash was a little slower to sign than Lucy was, but he has really taken to it. Oddly enough his favorite sign is CHANGE. He frequently digs a diaper out of my bag, brings it to me and signs CHANGE. That’s one sign Lucy never once did. Also, tonight I was reading Dash a picture book with photos of animals. We got to a goose and I said, ‘That’s a goose,’ and he did our name sign for Lucy. Luce the goose! So cute!

“At first I thought we would just buy a book and go with it but we are so glad we took the class. The content was taught with such excitement that we learned very easily. Nancy is GREAT with babies! The information more than met our expectations. Everything was very practical and very fun to learn, and learning animal signs and songs was a treat!”

Jen and Mark Davidson – Seattle, WA

“Nancy is a great teacher with a great sense of humor. She made class very enjoyable! Everything I learned in class will be used. The Roo-minder Ring Cards are helpful and you can attach them to the places around the house where you’ll use them most often.”

Allison Olsen – Renton, WA

“We LOVED your class and really got a lot out of sign language with our daughter! It was really effective at about 10 months of age when our daughter signed that she had pain in her tummy. She did the sign and then lifted her shirt and pointed to her tummy. We gave her prunes after we realized that she hadn’t gone potty in a couple days. We thought that was an amazing amount of communication for a child of 10 months. We now have 6 month old twins and will use sign language again. Thanks for working with our PEPS group and getting us involved with sign language.”

Liz Engates – Seattle, WA

“We had such a great experience with you. Ravenna is talking up a storm now; she’s very communicative and I’m willing to bet it had something to do with teaching her how to communicate so early.”

Jessica Towns – Seattle, WA

“Nancy does a fantastic job covering the most popular signs you need to communicate with your baby…a great class and instructor for all newbie parents.”

Al and Michelle Franz – Sammamish, WA

“Great to see our baby sign back – fast results! Nancy kept the class fun, not high stress.”

Lesley Carney – Mill Creek, WA

“Nancy is funny, charming and very patient! This was such a fun class, so informative and very easy to follow!”

Erin Vosti – Sammamish, WA

“The class is a fantastic environment to bring the signs to life. You just don’t get that from a book. Also, your teaching style is excellent.”

Dan Evans – Bellevue, WA

“Creative and fun ways for learning . . . I appreciated the weekly review and was surprised by how much we learned in four weeks.”

Heather Webb – Edmonds, WA

“Nancy was wonderful – using great stories and memory cues to help me remember the signs. I thought class was wonderful – don’t change a thing.  The Roo-minder Ring Cards were great to take home to my husband who couldn’t attend the class.”

Kelly Falen – Seattle, WA

“This class was way beyond what we expected. The content is so valuable. The exact value goes on and on. It’s already taking the frustration out of communication with our child.”

Diane Thompson – Kirkland, WA

“I love how Nancy explains how the signs evolved or what they represent. I was surprised how easy it was to remember the signs after each week, even after only seeing them a few times.”

D.S. – Seattle, WA

“We had so much fun and the signs were all so relevant and useful! Without a doubt, I would recommend this class to friends and family members. I feel very confident to sign with my baby, and she is already signing back. I think signing will greatly improve our ability to communicate!”

Donna Hill – Seattle, WA

An update 6 months after class…

“I’ve been meaning to email you and let you know how amazing it has been to be able to communicate with my 13 month old daughter, Stella Mae. I took your class last September, when Stella Mae was 7 months old, and I would stop short of calling myself a skeptic. I thought Stella Mae might pick up a few signs here and there and it would be fun just to try. How wrong I was! I started off, of course, doing the basic MORE and MILK and CHANGE signs with not too much result. I continued signing with her and added a few more here and there, when they would come up in conversation. Suddenly, about two months ago, she started signing them all back to me! I know you said this would happen, but like I said, I was just not so sure! She now signs MORE, MILK, CHEERIOS, PLEASE, THANK YOU, BIRD, FISH and most helpful of all – HELP ME! Now, instead of squealing or whining when she can’t reach something or drops something or wants a certain toy, she just signs HELP ME PLEASE, which, like you said, totally reduces the frustration she and I would both feel were we guessing what the other was saying! It is an amazing feeling and I want to thank you again for your wonderful instruction and I have recommended your class to many other friends with new babies!”

“You’ll be happy to hear that our second daughter, Shannon, is about 11 months old and is signing. It’s so great. We never thought we’d enjoy it as much as we have and it’s even better the second time around as Lauren still remembers all of her signs and signs to Shannon. I’m amazed at how much more quickly Shannon is picking up on it than Lauren did. Not sure if it’s because she’s developing faster (not being a preemie) or just because we are more comfortable with the signing and work it in frequently. It is so amazing to realize how much a little 11month old baby picks up. I chuckle every time Shannon thrusts out her chubby fist and requests milk while she’s eating dinner!”

Jenny Davidson – Redmond, WA

“Both my husband and I are sad the class is ending. We have enjoyed coming each week and learning new signs. You made learning so enjoyable. Thank you!”

Katie Foote – Kent, WA

“The curriculum was very appropriate and instantly useful. It makes this phase of parenting more interesting and exciting. Everything in the class was wonderful.”

Travis and Alicia Weatherbee – Duvall, WA

“This class was wonderful and beneficial for preverbal communication in our center! It has helped with manners, mealtime, potty training, discipline, and has given the children a way to express themselves!”

Kate Peterson and Aislinn Thomas of The Early Learning and Development Center – Seattle, WA

“Just want to extend my thanks to you for the fun classes we took with you. We stuck with signing and are reaping the rewards. Madeleine is now 14 months old and has an ever-growing vocabulary. One of her first signs, at around ten and a half months, was READ. We loved that she could ask to be read to so early, and I’m certain we’ve read to her far more than we would have otherwise. We were astonished and delighted when she started signing BIRD and DOG whenever we saw them on our walks. Now that she’s walking I always bust a gut when she does the PLAY sign while toddling over to toys or when we go to the park.”

Michelle and Simon Gale – Seattle, WA

“This class was so much fun and Nancy was so friendly and knowledgeable – it made for a great learning environment. We loved this class! John was a skeptic before we started but Nancy made him into a believer! I’m only sorry that it is a four week class – I would have loved more!”

Michele and John Poquiz – Lynnwood, WA

An update a few months after class…

“We attended your Hop to Signaroo class when our baby Joshua was almost 8 months old. We really enjoyed your class and practiced signing pretty enthusiastically for the first few weeks.  However, after a while my husband began to let the signing slide.  My mom and I continued on, even though Joshua didn’t really seem responsive.  Finally, Joshua signed his first sign – FINISHED!  We were amazed! He now uses this sign often during meal time, bath time, etc.,  and it is such an improvement over his previous method of communicating that he was finished, which was crying and screaming!  Yesterday, when he was eating a snack, he signed to us MORE, MORE.  My family and I have been so astonished and impressed!  Thank you so much for teaching us these wonderful skills; it has been such a joy being able to communicate with our baby at such an early age.”

“Nancy did an amazing job of teaching me sign language for my baby. Missie is just now starting to pick up signs and it’s so helpful that she can tell me when she wants to eat, have milk or read a book. If anyone else is looking for classes this four-class series does a great job of teaching the basics (so that I actually remember most of them) without a lot of study. It’s really fun and a great way to meet parents with kids the same age. I would highly recommend the class.”

Jennifer McDonald – Seattle, WA

“Thank you! We really enjoyed the classes and appreciate all of your expertise and practical tips. I’ll be sure to recommend you to new parents interested in signing.”

Marya Gould – Seattle, WA

“I liked how you had ideas to make the signs relatable for home! Taking the class made me use the signs consistently, so it became natural.”

Tracy Nielson – Seattle, WA

“Keep up your enthusiasm and passion – it shows and makes class fun.”

Redmond and Kristy McDonough – Renton, WA

“Very fun and engaging and the tricks for remembering the signs were very helpful. It seemed like the class went too fast…time flies when you’re having fun! We very much enjoyed your approach and methods.”

Loren and Deborah Matlick – Seattle, WA

“Brielle is signing MILK, WATER and MORE and it’s so exciting to see! I am one proud granny! I love it! So cool to see her communicate in this way. Thank you. John and I enjoy being part of this experience. “

Gabrielle Hunt – Issaquah, WA

“Thank you so much for your class. I had a great time, and I know Brielle’s grandparents did also. I know my mom emailed to tell you that Brielle has started to sign MILK, WATER and MORE, and I am a proud momma! Thank you again. And we will keep in touch – you’re awesome!”

Kayla Snedeker – Issaquah, WA

“I liked the tricks, tips and stories to remember the signs the best. I had taken another ASL class and remember almost nothing, but I feel this will stick.”

Mark Hill – Seattle, WA

“I learned a lot from this class and had a lot of fun. The pace was perfect, it was really enjoyable and I loved the opportunity to meet other parents. Thank you .”

Aundrea Voegtlin – Issaquah, WA

“Loved the interactive reinforcement activities like the games and songs – great for remembering the signs! We love seeing our baby starting to do the MILK sign already.”

Lindy and John Freyman – Seattle, WA

“The best aspect was learning a way to bridge the gap between my baby’s needs and my ability to meet those needs. I loved everything! Your humor was so helpful in getting into the groove of class each week!”

Bridget Gregory – Seattle, WA

“The songs were great and I liked the stories to associate with the signs. Being able to see the signs live (not in a book or on TV) was great. Love the Roo-minder Ring Cards.”

Shannon Sommer – Seattle, WA

“You are a wonderful teacher. Thanks for making class so much FUN!!”

Meredith Bland – Seattle, WA

“Nancy’s authenticity, welcoming demeanor and her sense of humor helped greatly with remembering and using the signs. Nancy makes learning sign immediately practical and memorable!”

Charlie Slavin and Jessy Schelly – Seattle, WA

“Nancy, you really made learning sign language fun for all of us and I’m amazed how engaged the baby was during class! And the memory aids made it easy!”

Natasha and Suneel Goud – Seattle, WA

“Nancy is an amazing, energetic, effective teacher that used fun and thought provoking games to help us remember what we learned!”

Dawn and Leo Novsky – Redmond, WA

“All the information in the series was very useful – food, manners, animals…very fun. Great sense of humor and I liked your interaction with the kids.”

Katie Leonetti – Seattle, WA

“Really enjoyed the class. Thanks so much. This has given my husband and me more tools to interact, educate and enjoy our time with Chelsea!”

Linda Inagawa – Issaquah, WA

“It was much easier to learn signs in the class than from a book. The memory tricks were great.”

Jan Stephenson – Seattle, WA

“You’re doing a great job, Nancy. I’m surprised how fast we learned so many signs and were able to retain them.”

Stacy Whitham – Seattle, WA

“I know you teach MANY students but I can’t tell you how much Asha benefited from your class and American Sign Language. She is now almost two years old and talking up a storm!! We now have a two and half month old who I plan to use sign language with, as well. Thank you! I have recommended your great class to many people!”

Suzanne Singla – Seattle, WA

“Great class! Engaging and fun, entertaining for me and my baby.”

Cortney Helmick – Seattle, WA

An update a few months after class…

“Thank you again for your class, we loved it and learned so much, and we use the signs every day! Currently the sign HELP is teaching us to deal more effectively with some toddler frustrations!”

“Signs focused on are immediately useable with babies and the concept of the Roo-minder Ring Cards is great.”

Barbara Spiering – Seattle, WA

“The most beneficial aspect of the class was the knowledgeable and fun teacher. The class was so fun and interactive.”

Dina Ringer – Seattle, WA

“Nancy, your teaching style is very enthusiastic and engaging. The active participation of parents in class was very helpful.”

Marge Kiser and Colleen Bromen – Seattle, WA

“Your ability to keep the parents entertained while teaching this valuable skill is quite impressive.”

Julia Strong – Seattle, WA

“Thanks for the humor. It made the class enjoyable, and thanks for the realistic expectations.”

Brenda and Brandon Day – Seattle, WA

“Great class with a fantastic teacher. We were very impressed with the information given in an easy to learn manner. We really enjoyed this class and are excited to see results.”

Alicia and Jason Russell – Snohomish, WA

“Loved the Roo-minder Ring Cards. They made it easy to practice. Class was great!”

Kiersten Booren – Seattle, WA

“The most beneficial aspect of the class was the class participation and willingness of Nancy to help with specific family needs. Loved it!”

Janet Callahan – Edmonds, WA

“I really enjoyed your class and looked forward to it every week. I thought you were very professional yet you created a very casual, comfortable atmosphere that worked well with little pre-toddlers. I enjoyed hearing your ASL stories and appreciated the fact that you were very approachable and available to answer questions after class and via email. I found the games we played in class (Bingo, etc.) and songs off the Pick Me Up Music CD to be very helpful in memorizing and learning the signs. I felt that the signs you taught us were the right amount for beginners (not too many but not too few) and were appropriate, also. You were very relaxed and encouraging. Thanks for a great class!”

Rachel Lamkin – Port Orchard, WA

“You’re a wonderful teacher – very clear and caring, too.”

Laurie and Tim Scearce – Seattle, WA

“Thank you so much. This class was a blast! Your attitude and enthusiasm is amazing!”

Sarah and Ren Chandler – Seattle, WA

“I think every parent should take this class. I’m looking forward to being less frustrated when Dylan can tell me what he wants. Thank you so much! You were a wonderful teacher!”

Shannon and Jace McMaster – Shoreline, WA

An update a few months after class…

“Just this week Dylan started signing MILK and MORE! (He just turned 10 months.) We’re so excited and I thought we should let you know! We had a great time and now it’s totally paying off! Thanks again for all your great help and instruction.”

An update about a year and a half after class…

“Lately when Dylan has been waking up he’s wanted his diaper changed, and instead of just saying or signing DIAPER which could mean anything having to do with his diaper he’s been using the sign for CHANGE. Maybe it’s a precursor to wanting to potty train! He’s become so verbal but it’s still difficult to understand him, so the signs really help. We use the sign for CALM a lot. When Dylan is really freaking out and crying we’ll do the sign for CALM. For some reason just telling him to calm down doesn’t work – probably because we’re having to yell to be heard over his screams, and that’s not calming at all! When we do the sign he’ll stop crying and say ‘Calm, okay’ and then we can tell him what we need from him.”

“The most beneficial aspect of this class was learning in person with an instructor rather than with a video or book only. Thanks for the fun class. I’m sorry it was over so quickly.”

Donna Ellis – Seattle, WA

“You have a great presentation style. Classes were both educational and enjoyable and just enough information each time, not too overwhelming. A nice four weeks – thanks.”

Laura Spring – Seattle, WA

“Learning to communicate with my baby is so satisfying and seeing her realize that she’s understood is priceless. Nancy, you’re a blast and you make learning fun. The games and songs were especially helpful.”

Melissa Mitchell – Seattle, WA

“I’m so glad I took the class! The games and songs really helped to learn and remember the signs. I feel very confident and excited to be using signs with Ayah!”

Sabina Lahlou – Seattle, WA

“We very much enjoyed the class and learned a ton. Being shown the signs in person versus just seeing them in a book or video was the most beneficial aspect of the class. You’re an excellent teacher with an awesome personality. Thanks for doing what you do.”

Arica and Mike Sykes-Dawley – Seattle, WA

“Thank you for your organized and professional approach!”

Michele Starkey – Seattle, WA

“Nancy, you were absolutely awesome! You made it so easy to be energized so late in our day.”

Jen Lemmer – Seattle, WA

“Really great methods. I was surprised how many signs we learned in the four classes. Loved the Bingo game – very fun way to remember the signs. Also liked the songs.”

Laura Thompkins – Kirkland, WA

“Love the “reminder cues” to help us remember the signs. You are awesome!”

Lauren Reykdal- Seattle, WA

“Loved the materials and the songs, too. Thank you so much! Hope to see you again soon!”

Danny and Lilly Ho – Seattle, WA

“The Roo-minder Rings are very helpful, especially your suggestion of posting them around the house. Also loved hearing your stories – they truly help to remember the signs! All of it was helpful – thank you!”

Erin Wiste and Bob Kumar – Seattle, WA

“Nancy’s passion and energy made learning fun! Loved the class!”

Raven and Nick Andrews – Seattle, WA

“The face to face aspect really helped with signing correctly and reinforcing the lessons.”

Brandon and Amber High – Seattle, WA

“I’m so excited about the signs that help Liam say what he needs. Right now he is grunting, so hopefully the signs help! I love that you give ways to remember the signs – it really helps.”

Jenn Causey – Redmond, WA

“We really enjoyed your classes and are very happy to report that Brett has begun signing ALL DONE, MORE, WATER, NURSE, DIAPER CHANGE, MOMMY, DADDY, BOOK, LION, ZEBRA, DOG and several more. It’s been really fun getting into our little one’s head; thank you so much for making that happen!

Krystal Garfield – Seattle, WA

“Your enthusiasm and sense of humor made the class tons of fun!”

Jen and Scott Schill – Seattle, WA

“Thank you again for the class. It was such a fun, positive way to get our signing going. I won’t hesitate to recommend your class to others.”

Susan Wright Geiger – Seattle, WA

“All the signs were great for babies. I am glad to have a big bank of useful signs now. Nancy is so wonderful! She made learning fun and easy.”

Jana DeShazo – Seattle, WA

“Great material. The games made it fun and interesting and the funny stories for the memory cues were the most beneficial part. Even in small amounts, it (signing) will be helpful.”

Andrew and Betsy Barash – Seattle, WA

“The class was great, very interactive with effective learning activities and games. Nancy is a wonderful teacher. She makes what could be dry subject matter fun to learn. We appreciate her humor.”

Wes and Lisa Hanna – Seattle, WA

“Adrienne and I took your class last August. I thought I’d provide a quick update on how we’re doing. I tried to keep up as much signing as I could (sometimes it’s hard to remember!), but Adrienne was listening, watching and learning. She first started signing MORE in the fall. Then shortly after that she did ALL DONE. She followed that up with BED. Now she always tells me when she’s ready for bed, and I get very little fuss from her! I definitely think signs have helped our bedtime and nap routines from becoming crying struggles! Then I noticed that she was signing CHANGE whenever I changed her diaper. Last week, we were having lunch and I realized that she had been signing PLEASE for a few days! I asked her if she wanted ‘More veggies please’, and she signed MORE PLEASE. I was so happy to have picked up on it and thrilled that she signed two words in a row! In the last couple days, she’s added CHEESE and CUP. Wow! It’s been so much fun to watch her progress and to communicate with her.”

Theresa Venhuis – Seattle, WA

“The class was extremely well organized, easy to follow and tons of fun. Each class was not only informative but a great pleasure. Thank you.”

Michelle and William Tyee – Seattle, WA

“Nancy, you do an outstanding job! Thank you for sharing your humor and knowledge with us. We loved it (class)!”

Michelle Renn – Seattle, WA

“The information taught was very helpful . . . exceeded expectations! Review each week was great. The games and music were a great way to learn. I highly recommend that aunts, uncles, grandparents and other caregivers attend. It was fun to learn the signs as an extended family.”

Dave and Teresa Holt – Edmonds, WA

“The information taught in class was great. I liked that you elaborated on the origins of signs and possible mix-ups. Also, I liked that the class covered a wide range of the basics. Your positive, straight forward approach has taught me to try new signs with friends and family. You’re a very good instructor. I looked forward to class because it was great fun and we learned something new fairly easily.”

(Uncle) Chris Holt – Seattle, WA

“I thought class was great. You have a good energy and good tips for remembering the signs. It was lots of fun doing this with our PEPS group.”

Lynn Carr – Seattle, WA

“The most beneficial aspects of the class were the amount of signs, practicing, being able to ask for specific signs and great handouts to refer to later. Thanks much!”

Anne Dahlin – Seattle, WA

“Class was very helpful! I’m glad we took it instead of just using the book!”

Kelly and Kevin Cook – Seattle, WA

“The animation with which you present these signs is was the most beneficial part. We had a lot of fun and appreciate you coming to us for an in-home group class.”

Matt and Carol LaMotte – Seattle, WA

“I feel really good about the signs I’ve learned in this class. They will all be very useful. We’re very happy that we took the class. We are off to a good start and can now enjoy communicating with our daughter even more.”

Sarah Scoltock – Seattle, WA

“Class covered what we expected and more. I was able to retain many more signs than I had expected. We appreciated the review each week and the cues which helped us remember more signs. Great class. This will help us greatly with meeting our baby’s needs.”

Todd and Shannon Hofmeister – Seattle, WA

“Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. We all had a great time learning and putting signs to use in our everyday lives. Thank you for making the class fun, enjoyable and a great experience. We’re looking forward to keeping you posted on Alexander’s progress soon!”

Matt and Christine Hume – Redmond, WA

“Lots of fun. We looked forward to class each week.”

Greg Baumgardner and Dwyn Armstrong – Seattle, WA

“I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous class! My mother and I really enjoyed it and it was worth every penny. I had been signing a little with my daughter on my own, but your class really got me motivated. It was really fun too. I used to teach and I appreciate an excellent teacher when I find one. Thanks!”

Monica Payson – Seattle, WA

An update a week after class…

“No signs from Haley yet…but tonight I signed to her, ‘Where’s the light?’ without saying the words, and she looked right at the light. Then I signed, ‘Where’s the picture?’ again without saying the words, and she looked at one of the pictures on the wall that she often points to. I have to say that even though she’s not signing yet, she’s really good at pointing and motioning for the things she wants, which most babies probably are. I’m just not sure I’d be as aware of what she was trying to do if we hadn’t started signing, though. She pays more attention to what I’m trying to say, but I definitely pay more attention to what she’s trying to say, too. I can already tell that we’re avoiding a lot of frustration. Thanks again! This is so much fun.”

An update two weeks after class…

“Haley signed MORE for the first time at lunch yesterday. She also responded appropriately to a question in Japanese for the first time this weekend which was pretty exciting.”

“Thanks – it was a blast! I’d really like to learn even more of the language now.”

Kam Ostriker – Edmonds, WA

“Lily is very stimulated and intrigued by the signs. It is thoroughly enjoyable watching her learn to communicate. Thank you.”

Robby and Bethany Mason – Lynnwood, WA

“We really liked the activities to practice the signs and that the various Roo-minder Ring Cards can be placed around the house as a reminder to sign.”

Becky and Scott Andrews – Seattle, WA

“Information taught in class was fun and informative. All the signs were useful to learn. Great class and great teacher. I will definitely recommend it to everyone I know”

Dave and Latife Neu – Seattle, WA

“I loved the way the class was split into four classes, just the right amount of information, and loved the way you incorporated songs and games to make it fun. I really liked the take home materials, too. “

Anne Blackburn – Issaquah, WA

“We really enjoyed the class and fun atmosphere. Singing and playing games helped reinforce the signs.”

Vanessa and Eric Gregory – Seattle, WA

“The signs have helped us with calmness at home, especially at feeding time! As a nanny, I take many classes with children, and this class was so fun and informative. One of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken with children!”

Vanessa Wood – Seattle, WA

“Your personality is great and class was FUN! Thanks for letting us make up the missed class in another series.”

Camille DeYoung – Seattle, WA

“Class was great – a really fun learning experience with good activities and memory aids. Also, love the Roo-minder Ring Cards.”

Jessica Keough – Seattle, WA

“I loved it (the class)! You’re hilarious!”

Bobbi Ostrum – Kirkland, WA

“Signing that we’re going to change Baby’s diaper prior to doing so has helped our little guy calm down during his diaper changes. He’s starting to sign MILK back and we look forward to more! Class was really fun! Thank you!”

Sara Hale – Kirkland, WA

“The class was very helpful. Seeing the signs in person allowed me to learn them faster and retain them more easily.”

Nancy Dahlberg – Seattle, WA

“I’m so glad that you came and spoke to my second PEPS group. Not only did it help them, it motivated me to recommit to signing with MacKenzie. It took her a while to start signing and then she just got it, and now it is the coolest thing ever. She starts to get frustrated and I say, ‘What do you need? Show me your sign’ and she does it. She knows all the food signs and drinks (MILK, WATER, JUICE), and HELP and a few random ones (FLOWER, FISH, AIRPLANE). She picks them up so quickly now that she understands the concept. I’ll say, ‘That’s a monkey. Here’s the sign for monkey’, and she’ll try it. Some of the signs are a little mutated, but she’s consistent and knows what she’s trying to say. I wanted to share that with you. We’re completely reaping the benefits of your class, so thanks!”

Julie Averill – Seattle, WA

“This class was definitely worth the time and money, and I would definitely recommend it to friends and family members. Continuous practice, reinforcement and Nancy’s relentless optimism were the most beneficial aspects of this class.”

Lisette Nanninger – Seattle, WA

“You are a great teacher. I can’t wait to go to Alaska and practice with my grandsons. You made it very easy and fun to learn . . . makes me wish I could be a mom again, not just a grandma.”

Lynn Fitch – Lynnwood, WA

“I’m looking forward to Janelle being able to communicate with her two and a half year old sister who is learning signing also. I loved your humor and look forward to a follow up class. “

Danyel Delker – Woodinville, WA

“I can’t say enough good things about sign language. Also everyone can’t believe at just a little over two how much Noelle talks! She tells stories, nursery rhymes and can repeat words correctly the first time she tries. I’ve noticed that she watches us intently (and everything else) when we’re talking or reading which I think came from watching us sign to her – she picks things up so quickly!”

Sandi Young – Mukilteo, WA

“Most informative and professional class we’ve taken.”

Sarah and Iain Starr – Seattle, WA

“The games and songs really reinforced what we learned, and I also thought the weekly reviews were helpful. Nancy, you are so enthusiastic and outgoing. It’s obvious that you really enjoy teaching your classes. The class is a really fun environment, and I looked forward to it each week.”

Kara Levinson – Issaquah, WA

“The most beneficial aspect of the series was learning the signs in a fun environment and the songs and games made it even easier. The interaction with the group made learning easy, too. We’re looking forward to communicating with Lucy.”

Amanda and Chris Parkhurst – Seattle, WA

“I thought your class was AWESOME!!! I learned so much!!”

Hollie Walsh – Seattle, WA

“Our baby, Skyler, started signing MORE and EAT about a month ago. He just turned 9 months and he has learned his name sign. We are just so excited! We are now starting to sign in sentences since he seems to be picking it up so quickly. We are teaching him his alphabet. Now we can sing and sign his ABC’s and he will flick his fingers around trying to make the letters. We just wanted to let you know that your class has been working for us and we are so happy! In the next 6 months to a year we will definitely be taking your follow up class.”

Kristen and Eric Amano – Shoreline, WA

“The weekly review of signs helped cement the concepts in our minds and hands. The whole family is enjoying signing with Sage. Now even her big brother loves to sign! Thanks Nancy, for a great course!”

Heather Baldwin – Seattle, WA

“It (class) is great! Thank you so much. It was fun AND educational!”

Dawn and Cliff Kerr – Edmonds, WA

“Nancy is super…excellent job teaching and very encouraging.”

Denise Arnold – Mountlake Terrace, WA

“This class is one of the best. Congrats, Nancy!!  The Roo-minder Ring Cards are so practical.  I can use them anywhere – at home and can have them with me at all times.”

Erika Tejada – Kirkland, WA

“LOVED the class. I feel like I discovered a talent I never knew I had!”

Michelle Habell – Seattle, WA

“Thanks for the great classes – they were informative and entertaining.”

David Serotkin – Seattle, WA

“Fantastic – thank you so much!”

Kristie Williams – Snohomish, WA

“Great class! Glad to be learning a new language.”

Debbie Casselman – Seattle, WA

“Thank you so much for this class. It was fantastic – I really enjoyed it!”

Amanda Schmidt – Shoreline, WA

“The class exceeded my expectations. It was not only educational, it was fun! Thank you!”

Footie Davis – Kirkland, WA

“I think the comfortable group atmosphere really helped facilitate interaction and learning. We had a great time and felt we really learned a lot. Nancy was a lot of fun and a great teacher and facilitator. It (class) gives us inspiration to learn more and continue signing new signs with our baby.”

Megan and Eric Peterson – Seattle, WA

“Great information and great instruction – engaging for adults and babies.”

Beth Schultz – Kirkland, WA

“The class was very well organized and informational. Being able to communicate with my son in a short period of time was the most beneficial aspect. The class was great.”

Shannon Boyce – Everett, WA

“Class was very fun and very well put together. There was a good variety of activities with the instruction, books, songs and games! The basic needs signs were the most beneficial and we use them a lot. Many caught on within just a few weeks and we are very pleased. Signing will be really neat to use until my daughter speaks, and I would like to use if once she speaks, too!”

Destini Ramm – Mountlake Terrace, WA

“Seeing the signs live was the most beneficial aspect of the class. We are very glad we took this class with you!”

Aimee and Tom Huff – Shoreline, WA

“The class was great – useful handouts, engaging teacher and fun for Mom and Dad, too!”

Lexi Harlow – Seatte, WA

“The games and reviews were helpful. You have a very nice way of leading and teaching.”

Shannon ‘O Keefe – Seatte, WA

“I thought the word associations and memory aides with the signs was very helpful, and I’m interested in taking more classes. The storybooks and signing together were great!”

Carla Falcone – Seattle, WA

“The class has already helped us communicate with your son. Thank you so much!”

Beth and Mike Shanaman – Seattle, WA

“Interaction and the ability to practice and get feedback about the signs were the most beneficial aspects of the class. Nancy, you are fantastic! Good energy and enthusiasm and we loved your anecdotes – very funny and entertaining.”

Jacqueline and Ben Higgins – Seattle, WA

“The most beneficial aspect of the class was having you as our teacher, Nancy! The class was both engaging and fun.”

Andy Magee and Brian Gardner – Issaquah, WA

“Even though Matthew is too young to have the manual dexterity to sign yet, I already notice his recognition of the signs we are using. I can see that we are going to benefit greatly from signing for early communication. Nancy’s enthusiasm for babies and signing made the class!”

Eileen Rubenstein – Bellevue, WA

“The class has been beneficial even before my son can sign. The potential to know we’ll be able to communicate is wonderful. It was good to see the new words and then do a song or activity to bring the new things home. The class gave us the basics and more to work on in the future.”

Jen Stout – Lynnwood, WA

“The information taught absolutely met my needs and expectations! Repetition and Nancy’s encouraging, smiling, animated face were the most beneficial aspects of the series! The music CD was very fun and helpful. Thank you!”

Allison McDonell – Seattle, WA

“Great class! Well taught. The ‘baby comfort’ signs will be great.”

Bret and Angela Rutter – Seattle, WA

“Fun class for Baby and Mommy! Most beneficial – small class size, great instructor and learning in person was better than just getting a book.”

Diana Anderson – Seattle, WA

“Lots of good information. Class is fun and interactive and Nancy’s sense of humor was greatly appreciated.”

Brian and Holly Blue – Seattle, WA

“Your materials for songs and games were great! Had a great time – thank you!”

July Kippen – Issaquah, WA

“Class was informative but not too much. It was a great basic overview and the games were great.”

Jenna Buffington – Seattle, WA

“I have felt very rewarded with the results and pace of the class. The most beneficial aspect of the class was getting to see the signs in person and having Nancy correct our mistakes. I will be sure to use signing beyond basic communication and truly apply it as a second language. I also really loved the music in class.”

Andrea Coccione – Bellevue, WA

“Learning was fun and Nancy made the signs easy to remember. We enjoyed the music session.”

Diem Pham – Seattle, WA

“Great class! The information worked well for the babies’ age group, and the structure of the class worked well with the babies. We look forward to seeing our baby communicate with signs.”

Meagan Brockman – Seattle, WA

“Wonderful teaching skills – the review each week was great! The games and music really helped, too. You made it very fun and very comfortable to ask question, etc.”

Molly Wyllys – Edmonds, WA

“I liked that we learned very useful words and activities for babies. I really liked the structure of the class – would do it again!.”

CariAnn Witsoe – Seattle, WA

“Thank you for making communication in those early days so much easier!”

Verna and Chris Garton – Seattle, WA

“It’s been so fun talking with my three and a half year old, deaf nephew in ASL. Thank you very much for offering the class and for giving me some special attention and for the resources you shared.”

Kim Whittle – Seattle, WA

“The most beneficial aspect was the motivation to keep signing from Nancy and the success stories from the other participants.”

Jeana Vasey – Seattle, WA

“The games and songs to reiterate what we learned were the best. Love the Roo-minder Ring Cards.”

Andrea James – Redmond, WA

“Nancy, you’re a great teacher. Class was fast-paced and fun!”

Julia Guthrie – Seattle, WA

“You are a really good teacher, and you make your students feel comfortable.”

Brenda and Chris Hodge – Seattle, WA

“It was a very good class. We learned a lot and it was a lot of fun. We enjoyed the music sessions and games.”

Susan and Tim Howard – Seattle, WA

“The words taught were those used on a daily basis and the memory aides helped. Thanks, you are a great and an easy-to-learn-from teacher.”

Deb Berggren – Edmonds, WA

“Loved the class. My husband and I both loved your sense of humor. We have already recommended the class to friends and family.”

Denise and Brian Ivie – Renton, WA

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!”

Christy Siegman – Federal Way, WA

“The class format made it easy to practice between sessions. I am really having fun with it!”

Susie Clark – Seattle, WA

“Nancy did a great job! Wish it was longer because we had so much fun!”

Coreen Stave – Lynnwood, WA

“With some practice, this will be a great benefit to our family”

Emily Hoffman – Seattle, WA

“Nancy’s personality and fun stories really make it enjoyable as well as educational!”

Leslie Roja – Seattle, WA

“The language was basic and geared toward appropriate subject matter. I feel much more confident in my signing skills and the potential for communication with my baby.”

Karen Dugan – Seattle, WA

“I enjoyed the class and the way the material was presented. It was a lot of info but I was amazed how much I learned!”

Amy Rudzinski – Lake Forest Park, WA

“The built-in practice makes the signs easy to remember and use, rather than learning from a book or the internet.”

Rebecca and Andrew Orford – Seattle, WA

“Being able to communicate with my baby is very important. This class gives me the tools for that, to replace the whining with signing! Thank you!”

Jenny Reagin – Seattle, WA

“The class was perfectly organized. The things you have added (toy food, bingo game, signing songs) were great. My family has enjoyed learning the signs and the songs. I also greatly appreciated your humor!”

Barb Rose-Leigh – Seattle, WA

“Nancy was very knowledgeable of sign language and the appropriate signs to teach a baby. I truly believe teaching my daughter sign language will cut down on the frustration when she gets older.”

Patty Austin – Shoreline, WA

“Fun for the entire family and helpful too! Thanks for all the resources.”

Cindy Middleton – Lynnwood, WA

“Your class was very fun! I will be recommending it to all my friends.”

Wendy Owens – Seattle, WA

“What a great way to cut down on tantrums. Our communication goes so much better when we combine sign language with spoken words. My older children enjoy interacting with the baby so much more when they can use signs too. And Nancy is great with the babies!”

JoDee Zappone – Lynnwood, WA

“Great class, very enjoyable as well as useful. I liked the opportunity for feedback. The class exceeded my expectations! The games and songs really helped reinforce the signs I learned.”

Pam Jackson – Shoreline, WA

“Very informative class. Nancy is a very personable and enjoyable instructor. We’ve already recommended this class to several friends.”

Kelly and Dana Scharf – Kirkland, WA

“The classroom interaction, memory aids and practice songs were all very helpful to make the signs real and useful. Thanks!”

Cristine Hahm – Seattle, WA

“The class was great. Thank you – we had lots of fun!”

Teresa Salskkort – Seattle, WA

“We LOVED this class. You are an excellent and effective teacher.”

Sachin and Nirali Shah – Seattle, WA

“It was really an outstanding class . . . lots of fun. Nancy was great and exceeded my expectations.”

Beth McKinnis – Seattle, WA

“Nancy was wonderful. I would highly recommend the class!”

Laura Wood – Seattle, WA

“Great learning tools and techniques.”

Rachel and Jose Rios – Seattle, WA

“Nancy is really wonderful at teaching signs in a way that makes it easy to remember them. I look forward to having a follow up class.”

Katy Neale – Mercer Island, WA

“Nancy is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor! We can’t wait to include American Sign Language as a tool to communicate with our daughter!”

Shawnta Bush – Lynnwood, WA

“Being able to see the signs in action (instead of with a book alone) was the most beneficial aspect of the series, along with the memory aids. Nancy’s amusing stories also helped. Getting feedback on how we were doing was also beneficial.”

Jennifer Orf and Matthew Breed – Seattle, WA

“The repetition of the signs through games and songs was the most beneficial aspect of the series. Good choice of signs. I can’t wait until our daughter starts signing back!”

Jill Dreon – Seattle, WA

“Great class. Fun and tons of relevant signs. Thanks!”

Jennie Skidmore – Seattle, WA

“Nancy was very organized and prepared. She dealt with the children very well. Great class.”

Tamara Guyton – Seattle, WA

“The games and songs in class really helped. Basic signs were really great to learn, too. This class was exactly what we needed to help get Savannah communicating!”

Samanatha Stack – Seattle, WA

“Enjoyed it (class) very much. Nancy makes learning sign language fun for both babies and the parents.”

Kim Blakeley – Seattle, WA

“We enjoyed class very much.”

Kathy and Jeremy Ritzer – Seattle, WA

“Thank you for a very, very fun class and all my new knowledge.”

Linda Leaders – Seattle, WA

“Nancy made class fun – games, props, resources, etc. We’ll miss coming now that the four weeks are up.”

Jesse Cowan – Seattle, WA

“Thank you so much. You are wonderful at what you do.”

Dawn Mills – Seattle, WA

“We thought class was great – just the right level of difficulty. Wonderful!”

Wendy Levin and John Laboon – Edmonds, WA

“How engaging the class was – it put me at ease to actively participate and I learned all the signs while enjoying myself. Thank you!”

James Healey – Seattle, WA

“Nancy makes the class very fun with the content and her humor.”

Margie and Sean Minnalez – Seattle, WA

“Class was perfect – interesting for parents and babies.”

C.J. Kirkland – Seattle, WA

“It was a fun, helpful class and Nancy made it funny and entertaining for babies and parents. We look forward to seeing our son communicate with us before he can talk.”

Michelle and David Ginder – Edmonds, WA

“I can’t believe how much and how fast I learned. Fun class – I like the songs and storybooks the best.”

Katie Briggs – Seattle, WA

“All the signs are relevant and we loved your teaching style!”

Ellie Simonyan – Edmonds, WA

“I look forward to seeing Elliot sign back his first sign. Thank you!”

Carin Meyers – Seattle, WA

“This was the first time for me to sign. It was great. The reviews and the Bingo helped a lot. I’m going to recommend this class to the family that I work with. Thank you for doing this class.”

Sarah Well – Seattle, WA

“Class was fun. I liked the learning aids and all the learning techniques…and loved Nancy!”

Charisse Larson – Renton, WA

“The songs and stories are helpful for remembering the signs. I liked the Roo-minder Ring Cards, too.”

Jennifer Graden – Renton, WA

“The great humor, games and songs helped us remember the signs.”

Charlene Morrow – Lake Forest Park, WA

“Very fun – thanks for your enthusiasm!”

Chris and Susan Gimbl – Seattle, WA

“Nancy, your teaching style was great – very engaging.”

Lara Deits – Seattle, WA

“Fantastic! Thank you so much.”

Kristie Williams – Snohomish, WA

“Class was awesome!”

Francesca Shamis – Seattle, WA

“Coming to class and actively taking an hour each week to learn was most beneficial.”

Jeff and Erica Becker – Issaquah, WA

“Loved it! Thank you!”

Jenni Young – Woodinville, WA

“Very comprehensive class…exceeded our expectations.”

Lisa Christensen – Lynnwood, WA

“Thanks, Nancy. Your class is great!”

Melissa Brooks and Cory Kloop – Redmond, WA

“Great fun!”

Junior and Kristin Mariano – Seattle, WA

“Great learning experience for us. You have a tremendous teaching ability. We loved the class.”

Starla and Scott DeLap – Lynnwood, WA

“I thought your class was fantastic and very creative.”

Christina Steinat – Lynnwood, WA

“Nancy is an excellent instructor. She really makes you feel comfortable and eager to learn.”

Summer Fleming – Kenmore, WA

“I love that you offer the class for both parents (for one enrollment fee). We practice together and it helps us to remember and use the signs with Justin.”

Kari Bell – Seattle, WA

“I loved the class. You did a great job and made the learning fun and practical.”

David Cohen – Seattle, WA

“The class was really good. We really didn’t review as much at home as we wanted but we still really picked up a lot. It was much better than my husband anticipated; he was not very excited but you kept it light and helpful.”

Kristen Heller – Seattle, WA

“It was great. I loved the songs, books and the review materials. The practice of reviewing the signs each class helps a lot.”

AJ Henderson – Seattle, WA

“Excellent pace and presentation. Our baby is still a little young, but we feel more prepared to communicate with him.”

Fernando and Shawn White – Seattle, WA

“Super fun and entertaining. Easier to learn than I thought it would be. Thank you!”

Courtney Carson – Seattle, WA

“Range of signs and easy learning environment was most beneficial and Nancy is great!”

Melanie Matthews – Seattle, WA

“It was a fun class for both me and my daughter!”

Jessica Matsui – Seattle, WA

“Really enjoyed the games and songs – these were helpful as memory aides.”

John Ackermann – Seattle, WA

“Class was fabulous! Many thanks!”

Felix and Scott Sandwick – Seattle, WA

“Great class. The most important signs for communication with the baby were all covered.”

Nate and Melanie Watson – Seattle, WA

“The most beneficial aspect of the class was seeing the signs in person. Good class organization and fun for grandparents, too!”

Susannah Bloch – Seattle, WA

“You are a great teacher!”

Annie and Ryan Bussard – Seattle, WA

“Thanks! It’s been great.”

Kira Vaser and David Nakamura – Edmonds, WA

“Well taught and a lot of fun!”

Kim and Chad Smith – Seattle, WA

“You are a great personality for a class like this – really easy to get along with and we had a lot of fun!”

Heidi and David Davis – Kirkland, WA

“Fun class for all of us. Thanks!”

Jen and James Swantz – Seattle, WA

“Live instruction was the most beneficial aspect of the series, not just reading a book to learn it.”

Tiffany Johnson – Seattle, WA

“Class had lots of review and relevant signs. We’ve been able to start incorporating a lot of the signs already.”

Erika Strote – Seattle, WA

“Class really exceeded my expectations in terms of the class being so fun. Loved the Bingo review game. The most helpful elements were the the stories and the reminders given for the signs.”

Margo Scheet – Seattle, WA

“You’ve got a fun curriculum with informative learning.”

Lance and Rhonda Bachler – Seattle, WA

“Great instruction – loved it!”

Briana and Jeremy Benton – Seattle, WA

An update several months after class…
“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your wonderful class. I think Benton was about 8 months when we took your class, and he had the basic signs at around 10 months. But at about a year, whew, the kid was taking off! We won’t do a sign for weeks or months and then he’ll just bust it out of nowhere. The frustration with communication problems is VERY minimal and he charms our socks off whenever he signs. I don’t think I can keep up with how quickly he picks up the signs now!”

“Great teaching tools and games . . . thanks!”

Colleen Hauck – Kirkland, WA

“Good teaching methods – games and songs were fun and helpful.”

Molly Terwilliger – Seattle, WA

“I think the signing is going to really help us understand our baby’s needs.”

Zoe Zachmeier – Seattle, WA

“The reviews were super helpful.”

Nathan Schroeder – Seattle, WA

“We really enjoyed this class and look forward to the communication we will experience.”

Jeannine Gilmer – Redmond, WA

“Most enjoyable! Surprisingly easy and good teacher with great memory cues!”

Megan Sullivan – Seattle, WA

“Excellent course – thanks!”

Andrea and Jarl Fjortoft – Seattle, WA

“Nancy, you’re a super terrific instructor!”

Margot Case – Seattle, WA

“The signing to songs was especially fun.”

Catherine and Aaron Darwin – Seattle, WA

“Nancy was very informative and engaging. Great class with interesting class activities that facilitate learning.”

Bill and Linda Tsai – Shoreline, WA

“The games to internalize the knowledge were beneficial. The songs were very fun and helpful and great mnemonics and funny stories.”

Mikael Kvart and Sascha Dublin – Seattle, WA

“It (class) was great songs were fun and so was Bingo!”

Robin Gibson – Seattle, WA

“Relevant signs I can use with my baby. Good connections to remember the signs, too.”

Claire Smith – Seattle, WA

“Class was excellent!”

Jodi and Ashanda Brown – Everett, WA

“Fun class. Neat having the babies there too!”

Stephanie Caruso – Bothell, WA

“I really enjoyed the class and teacher.”

Tywana Green – Seattle, WA

“Great family time together!”

Tricia De Marco – Seatte, WA

“Nancy is a great teacher – very engaging and entertaining”

Danyale Cook – Seattle, WA

“This class has made me want to pursue ASL as a foreign language for myself as well as for our daughter…a great way for Mom and Dad to communicate amongst ourselves!”

Mary Hollingsworth – Mountlake Terrace, WA