Teddy Time!

Last year ParentMap Magazine asked Seattle-area parents to play favorites and vote for their favorite local baby and kid-friendly classes, activities, businesses, parent resources, etc. Hop to Signaroo was so honored to be voted the winner for Best Parent Education Class and a finalist for Best Infant or Toddler Class.

Well, it’s that time of year again, and the second annual Golden Teddy Awards voting has begun! Hop to Signaroo would love to sweep both categories this year, with a win in each and of course I need help from you, my loyal fans!

Here’s the link to vote for Hop to Signaroo for Best Parent Education Class, which is entry #3 on that page. And follow this link to vote for Hop to Signaroo for Best Infant or Toddler Class, which is entry #7. Please vote for Hop to Signaroo in both categories and please be sure to vote by Tuesday, May 15th!

Simply list Seattle as the location and don’t forget to add a comment about how Hop to Signaroo’s curriculum made life easier for your family or what you loved about class. You can only vote once and need to vote in at least 10 categories of the contest, but your partner can also vote to double the chances of your family winning one of the four prize packages! Feel free to write us in for category #12 under Classes and Camps, too. Write in votes for a missed category, Best Baby Sign Language Class, would be a bonus. Maybe Hop to Signaroo will win three categories and create our own in the process…yup, I’m that competitive! ;0)

Your vote would be so appreciated of course, but I’m happy to report that there’s something in it for you, as well! (As if early communication and reduced frustration from signing with your baby wasn’t enough!) There are four, great prize packages, with a random drawing for all who vote.  Prize details are here. ParentMap is asking that parents vote in at least ten categories throughout the contest (you’re one-fifth of the way there by voting for Hop to Signaroo in the two categories above) and for every five categories you vote in, you’re entered into the drawing for prizes. Only one submission is allowed per person, but again voting in multiple categories will increase your odds of winning and encouraging your partner to vote will double your chances of winning a prize! You do need to enter an email address with your submission, but it will only be used to contact you if you win one of the prize packages.

Questions? Post them here and I will respond. I say it all the time – I love what I do! Hop to Signaroo has been my passion for nearly 12 years and the success stories from so many of my thousands of graduates thrill me to no end, and recognition from my graduates makes my job even sweeter, so thank you again for your continued support!

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