It's a Three-peat!

Once again, for the third year in a row, I feel truly blessed as Hop to Signaroo graduates, fans and readers of Parent Map Magazine voted Hop to Signaroo Seattle’s Best . . . → Read More: It’s a Three-peat!


This little Pilgrim, shown above at age 5, has a lot to be thankful for this year. (Regarding the photo…I have three older sisters and my mother was a great seamstress. What can I say, they were always dressing me up in some crazy get up!)

My clients are likely most thankful for the . . . → Read More: Thankful

Most Awesome!

Do you think Hop to Signaroo is “Most Awesome”?! Of course you do or you wouldn’t be following this blog! Well someone at Red Tricyle thinks Hop to Signaroo is pretty darn awesome . . . → Read More: Most Awesome!

Hop to Signaroo is a Golden Teddy Award Winner!

Do you know the sign for “Thank you”? It’s a flat hand moving forward off the chin, as if you’re blowing kisses.  Well, I’m blowing LOTS of thank you kisses today, to everyone who voted for Hop to Signaroo in ParentMap Magazine’s Golden Teddy Awards. Hop to Signaroo was voted . . . → Read More: Hop to Signaroo is a Golden Teddy Award Winner!