Snow days...and days and days and daze!

Well, you’ve gotta know that days like the last few make a Midwestern girl like me smile. However, I could do with out the nonstop news coverage of our “blizzard”. Blizzard? Pfff! Yes, that’s yours truly above, in much more copious snow conditions, circa 1972. It takes a lot of snow to make a snowman that big, people! I’m the one on the left, in case you didn’t recognize me with my two square inches of face showing. Dear Seattle, I know you’re not used to this type of solid precipitation but, really, you’re going to be fine. Some of us were learning to drive in this…when we were sixteen…in the month of May.

So Seattle, hunker down and make the best of it. Take this as Momma Nature’s way of asking (or forcing) you to unplug, slow down and do something different. Break out the boardgames and play with the kids; venture into the kitchen and cook with your kids (perhaps a cuisine from a far away land); pull out the pipecleaners, fingerpaints and glue sticks and get crafty (maybe make some Valentines for next month); act out one of your kid’s favorite storybooks – silly voices, costumes and all. Have a little science lesson about snowflakes…and just slow down and enjoy the beauty of it all! Perhaps the kids have too much energy and are getting a little stir crazy in the house. Introduce them to the fabulousness of disco and have a dance party! Eat by candlelight tonight, so in case the power does go out, you’re kids already think it’s a groovy way to dine. And, of course, get out and play in it! Enjoy it while it lasts and enjoy your family in a way that isn’t prompted by these conditions very often.

Red Tricycle has done all the heavy (snow) lifting for you. Here’s a great list of ideas for snow day activities including links to favorite family-friendly crafts and blogs, crockpot recipes, sledding and tubing locations and other fun ideas. Stay warm, stay safe and make the best of it, Seattle!

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