One More to Make it Four?


Thanks to Hop to Signaroo’s very loyal fans and graduates, Hop to Signaroo was voted Best Parent Education Class and was a finalist for Best Infant or Toddler Class in the 2013, 2012 and 2011 Golden Teddy Awards! I’m so grateful for this ongoing outpouring of community support!

Well, the 2014 Golden Teddy Awards are upon us and I’d greatly appreciate your support again and hope to sweep both categories this year! Please vote for Hop to Signaroo for Best Parent Education Class here and vote for Hop to Signaroo for Best Infant or Toddler Class here. What’s in it for you? Prizes, prizes, prizes…and good juju!  By the way, when you vote on the Golden Teddy page, you do not need to register your email address or sign up for a mailing list, if you don’t want to.

After you’ve voted for Hop to Signaroo on the links above, leave a message here indicating that you voted or leave a comment on Hop to Signaroo’s Facebook page and you’ll be entered to win the basket of goodies shown below with an American Sign Language boardbook called Signs about Going Out (with signs for sun, rain, walk, shopping, swimming, etc.), Northwest Kid Trips (a very handy resource for family-friendly coffee shops, restaurants, attractions, day trips and much more), and healthy snacks for your little one from Happy Family Organic Foods! Also, when you vote on Parent Map’s Golden Teddy voting page, you can enter to win one of several amazing prizes including a family getaway, a PCC gift card, a zoo membership and more!  You only need to provide your email address on the Golden Teddy voting page if you want to be entered in their prize drawing.

Parent Map only allows one vote per reader per device, but you can certainly have other family members vote to increase your chances of winning a prize from Parent Map and Hop to Signaroo!  Voting ends, Saturday May 10th. Thanks for your support and happy signing!



2 comments to One More to Make it Four?

  • Duyen

    Voted for you in both categories 🙂

  • Nancy Hanauer

    Thanks so much! Let me know if your partner votes, as well, from another device (as I believe the voting program recognizes when a vote is made from a device and won’t allow other votes from the same device) for another chance to win the gift basket. 🙂 I appreciate your support!

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