It's a Three-peat!

Once again, for the third year in a row, I feel truly blessed as Hop to Signaroo graduates, fans and readers of Parent Map Magazine voted Hop to Signaroo Seattle’s Best Parent Education Class and a finalist for Best Infant or Toddler Class in the Golden Teddy Awards. It’s just as sweet the third time as it was the first time (or maybe more so), feeling the appreciation for the program I created and knowing that Hop to Signaroo is indeed reducing frustration for new parents and babies and enhancing their bond through early, effective, positive communication!

Not only is it wonderful to know that thousands of parents have found my curriculum both helpful and fun since creating Hop to Signaroo twelve years ago, but voting parents commented that I’m an “original,” “thoughtful” and “very funny” teacher. That makes this quirky girl’s heart swell just a little bit more because not only have I wanted my classes to give parents the tools to make life a little easier in the first year or two as a new family, but I’ve also wanted my classes to be a fun, lighthearted experience. I’m thrilled to hear that I’m succeeding on that front, too, providing sleep-deprived, often overwhelmed parents some laughs with their American Sign Language instruction. I’ll admit it, there isn’t much I won’t do to get a laugh, because that’s how many of us Midwesterners roll! Rumor has it, some people think we Midwesterners are funny simply because of the way we talk…oh ya, you betcha!  ;0)

So, THANK YOU Hop to Signaroo fans for your ongoing support and giving this teacher and (perhaps) wanna-be-comedian the opportunity to do what she loves, use her teaching and American Sign Language skills in a unique way, get her “baby fix” (Oooooh how I love the babies!) and garner a few laughs along the way!

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