Hop to Signaroo is a Golden Teddy Award Winner!

Do you know the sign for “Thank you”? It’s a flat hand moving forward off the chin, as if you’re blowing kisses.  Well, I’m blowing LOTS of thank you kisses today, to everyone who voted for Hop to Signaroo in ParentMap Magazine’s Golden Teddy Awards. Hop to Signaroo was voted Seattle’s Best Parent Education Class and was also a finalist for Best Infant and Toddler Class! I didn’t even know my Hop to Signaroo babies knew how to log onto the internet yet!

The magazine’s write-up in our winning category of  Best Parent Education Class was wonderful!  ParentMap wrote: Voters gush about the long-term positive effects that Hop to Signaroo has had on their children, and add that their classes are “practical and well organized,” that they offer a “great opportunity for meeting other families in the area,” and that Hanauer teaches just the “right amount of signing to make it doable at home”

ParentMap’s shout out about Hop to Signaroo in the Best Infant and Toddler Class category was equally great: Sometimes, you just wish you could decipher what your baby is trying to say. If you don’t have psychic powers working in your favor, voters recommend Hop to Signaroo for boosting your child’s early communication skills with sign language. Citing a variety of options for families on budgets, “fun class activities” and “really fabulous techniques that actually work,” voters have plenty of love to share for Hop to Signaroo’s Seattle-area classes.

I’ve said it for eleven years now, since founding Hop to Signaroo in 2000, I love what I do! I feel so blessed to work with such amazing, beautiful babies and such fabulous parents. I’m absolutely thrilled to receive this recognition from Seattle-area parents and to know they love my classes and have found them so helpful in their little ones’ development. Again, a big thank you to all the parents, babies and community supporters who have been with me every step of the way!

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