Parenting with Ease

Is one of your 2013 resolutions to have a calmer household? If so, I have some ideas to help you accomplish that. Of course, Hop to Signaroo classes will help you to effectively and . . . → Read More: Parenting with Ease

A Resolution Inspired by Newtown, Connecticut

I was home the morning of the Sandy Hill School shooting last week, so I watched the news coverage for several hours as the events were unfolding. Like the rest of the country, I was horrified. As a former classroom teacher who taught toddlers through teens, I could all too well imagine how this . . . → Read More: A Resolution Inspired by Newtown, Connecticut

The Science of Successful Parenting...No Matter What Culture You Live In

I’m pleased to announce that this blog entry is a guest post from colleague Nita Talwar, a parenting coach and the founder of Peak Experience Parenting.

So, whom are you going to listen to for parenting advice? Will you follow Amy Chua’s disciplined approach from her book . . . → Read More: The Science of Successful Parenting…No Matter What Culture You Live In

Gobble, Gobble, Grateful

Every time I count my blessing, babies, toddlers and children top the list. Dare I say, I’m even grateful for teenagers. In my 20+ years of teaching, I’ve taught every age of kids, babies to teens and have enjoyed every age group. They’re all delightful in their own way and have much to . . . → Read More: Gobble, Gobble, Grateful

Sanity Circus

Looking for a little more sanity in your household or educational center and FREE training to learn how to replace traditional authoritarian styles of relating to children with more emotionally healthy, more democratic methods? If so, you may want to look into the upcoming Sanity Circus series.

What is Sanity Circus? It’s an award-winning, . . . → Read More: Sanity Circus

You've Got a Way with Words

In my Hop to Signaroo classes, I teach parents how to effectively communicate with their babies before their little ones can speak, leading thousands of families to positive, early communication that reduces their frustration. Many signing families report back years later that the “Terrible Twos” weren’t so terrible and they attribute that to . . . → Read More: You’ve Got a Way with Words


Hope you’re all having a magical holiday season.  I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, groovy Winter Solstice…or just have a great week! Hope the New Year brings you all you hope for…including many sleep-filled nights!  ;O)

For the Love of Books

I love to read. I can attribute this love for learning and escapism to two things…my family reading to me as a child and Mrs. Tausend, my all time favorite teacher, who read Laura Ingall . . . → Read More: For the Love of Books

Where's the Booty?

I heart Halloween. I heart Halloween so much that I’m dedicating a second post to this hallowed holiday. Last week, I wrote about Costume Swaps across the country where you can pick up a fabulous, new get-up with a swap of a costume you’re ready to part with.

Now that you and your . . . → Read More: Where’s the Booty?