Is Your Baby a Science Experiment?

One of the things I like best about teaching families how to sign with their babies, is that the practice is embraced by a very diverse group of parents, parents who often have varying parenting . . . → Read More: Is Your Baby a Science Experiment?

Naturally, Baby!

I’m a big proponent of alternative and naturopathic health practices. Food allergies are ultimately what led me to alternative, healing practices and I’ve been so pleased with the results I’ve seen in my physical and mental well-being. I’ve been going to acupuncturists for 10 years and naturopathic doctors even longer, and I’m healthier than . . . → Read More: Naturally, Baby!

Keep Talkin', Momma!

I have been a longtime fan of Dr. Patricia Kuhl and Dr. Andrew Meltzoff.  They’re the co-directors of the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences and the authors of The Scientist in the Crib:What Early Learning Tells Us about the Mind, which is wonderful reading . . . → Read More: Keep Talkin’, Momma!

The Science of Successful Parenting...No Matter What Culture You Live In

I’m pleased to announce that this blog entry is a guest post from colleague Nita Talwar, a parenting coach and the founder of Peak Experience Parenting.

So, whom are you going to listen to for parenting advice? Will you follow Amy Chua’s disciplined approach from her book . . . → Read More: The Science of Successful Parenting…No Matter What Culture You Live In

That's So Abstract!

Parents in my classes and presentations often have a hard time believing that their babies understand the meaning of words like MORE, FINISHED and ALL DONE.  “How can they understand abstract concepts?”, they . . . → Read More: That’s So Abstract!

It's All About the Numbers, Baby!

In my formative years, numbers were my nemesis. Two comments were consistently written on my report card all the way through school, “Nancy talks too much in class” and “Nancy needs to work on her math skills”. Both, proof that I’m a word nerd and that language and communication are my thang!

Well, I . . . → Read More: It’s All About the Numbers, Baby!

For the Love of Books

I love to read. I can attribute this love for learning and escapism to two things…my family reading to me as a child and Mrs. Tausend, my all time favorite teacher, who read Laura Ingall . . . → Read More: For the Love of Books

Get That Brain Hopping!

[single pic id=not found] Did you know that babies exposed to American Sign Language use their brain in a very unique way that non-signing babies do not? Because sign language is visual it’s initially interpreted by the right side of the brain but, because it’s a language, it’s processed and stored on the left . . . → Read More: Get That Brain Hopping!

Don't Double Your Frustration!

[single pic id=not found] As the old Double Mint Gum commercial used to say, “Double You Pleasure, Double Your Fun!” And Hop to Signaroo would like to remind you, you don’t need to double your frustration!

If you have or are expecting multiples, have you considered signing with your babies? Many Seattle-area . . . → Read More: Don’t Double Your Frustration!