Benefits of Signing with Your Little 'Roo

In Your Home

  • Reduces frustration for your baby and all family members and caregivers
  • Strengthens your parent-child bond
  • Accelerates receptive and expressive language development and improves motor skills
  • Stimulates intellectual growth during the formative years of brain development, which can lead to higher IQ scores and increased vocabulary and literacy skills
  • Provides effective communication up to a year before your baby’s vocal chords are fully formed
  • Allows a peek inside your child’s mind to discover your baby’s emerging personality
  • Targets multiple learning styles through visual, verbal, auditory and kinesthetic cues
  • Empowers babies with a means of early communication capitalizing on their natural tendency to use gestures
  • Allows for communication directed to the specific needs and wants of your child with the ability to tailor the practice to meet your family’s needs
  • Reduces temper tantrums now and eases the future “Terrible Twos” caused by two years of built up frustration of not being understood

In Childcare Settings

  • Lowers noise levels in preschool classrooms by reducing frustrated screaming and crying
  • Minimizes stress and frustration for caregivers who are responsible for meeting the needs of several children at once
  • Reduces the “guesswork” in meeting each child’s needs resulting in more available time for positive developmental interactions
  • Allows children to communicate with their caregivers from a distance (near or far) appropriately and effectively
  • Reduces problems with “acting out behaviors” such as biting and hitting
  • Increases children’s comfort in expressing emotions, especially when they are too upset or shy to effectively voice their feelings
  • Encourages gentle reminders by caregivers about appropriate behavior or manners without drawing attention to these reminders
  • Increases eye contact between children and their caregivers and helps little ones to stay focused on the task at hand
  • Initiates the use of a legitimate second language and allows hearing children the opportunity to interact with others whose primary means of communication is American Sign Language

Supporting Research

There has been a great deal of independent research supporting the short and long-term benefits of signing with hearing babies. Links to articles detailing some of the findings are below.

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