It's All About the Numbers, Baby!

In my formative years, numbers were my nemesis. Two comments were consistently written on my report card all the way through school, “Nancy talks too much in class” and “Nancy needs to work on her math skills”. Both, proof that I’m a word nerd and that language and communication are my thang!

Well, I . . . → Read More: It’s All About the Numbers, Baby!

For the Love of Books

I love to read. I can attribute this love for learning and escapism to two things…my family reading to me as a child and Mrs. Tausend, my all time favorite teacher, who read Laura Ingall . . . → Read More: For the Love of Books

Where's the Booty?

I heart Halloween. I heart Halloween so much that I’m dedicating a second post to this hallowed holiday. Last week, I wrote about Costume Swaps across the country where you can pick up a fabulous, new get-up with a swap of a costume you’re ready to part with.

Now that you and your . . . → Read More: Where’s the Booty?

I Heart Halloween!

[single pic id=not found] I love Halloween. Always have, always will. I love visiting a local pumpkin patch and finding the perfect gourd calling out for a creative carving, I love the decorations, I love the candy (especially the nostalgic stuff that reminds me of old school, Halloweens long ago…bring on the Butterfingers . . . → Read More: I Heart Halloween!

Even More Swag, Baby!

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In July, I happily announced that I was partnering with Happy Baby Foods to bring all in-home Hop to Signaroo families a swag bag of full-sized samples of their organic, all natural, baby food and generous coupons for future purchases. My in-home families have been thrilled with their goody . . . → Read More: Even More Swag, Baby!